The Future of Online Tech Support

Published on 1 September 2020 at 12:33

Our life in the 21st century is controlled by so many devices, humans have evolved to such an extent, even to prepare their morning or evening coffee they need a digital device or gadget. we use  so many gadgets everyday like computers , notebooks , I pads , I phones , Routers , some of the gadgets can be controlled by voice commands, like signing into your computer or making a call on your i phone etc. with so many gadgets around us obviously the chances of some of the gadgets breaking down are very high and eventually when they break down then the first thing that comes in a persons mind is tech support . All gadgets come with a minimum 1 year free tech support contract . if the gadgets are in warranty  then the customer has to just call the toll free number of the manufacturing company and the customer will receive complete support free of cost .

The other scenario is when the gadget is out of warranty and when you call the toll free number of the manufacturer they collect the product serial number and product number and when they find the product is out of warranty they flatly refuse to offer any free assistance and will ask the customer to purchase the extended warranty plan for another year which typically costs around $100 to $150 which is quite expensive for the customer . This is where the 3rd party or Private Tech support companies  come into picture . They normally offer a 1 time issue resolution  which will cost around $50 per issue but when you compare this with $100 for the extended warranty then its  cost effective and the customer will opt for the 3rd party tech support options to save some valuable dollars.

Most of the 3rd party or private tech support companies hire certified experts who are Microsoft, apple, hp,dell certified and are experts in resolving any issue on the gadgets and hence customers will rely heavily on these 3rd party tech support companies if the gadgets are out of warranty . most of these 3rd party tech support companies will provide assistance over the phone and if they have a local presence then they even have the option to visit the customer and resolve the issue but the charges will be hefty around $150.


Pros and Cons of using 3rd party Tech Support companies..



 As we all know once the gadget is out of warranty the manufacturing company will charge a hefty amount to resolve any issue on the gadget and you need to purchase at least a 1 year extended warranty to resolve any issue where as the 3rd party tech support company will charge only per issue and at half the price charged by the manufacturing company.

The tech experts hired by the 3rd party tech support companies are certified professionals and you can expect the issue resolution in 90% of the cases.

If there is a issue involving multiple device setup like you are setting up WiFi Home then you do not have to call different companies to set up the WiFi Home , the 3rd party Tech Support Experts will be able to configure all the devices on a single call for the same nominal price.

If there is a Virus infection on the device then you do not have to go back and forth with the gadget manufacturer and the Anti Virus Company , the 3rd party tech support experts are professionally trained to remove the virus on a single call for the same nominal fee.




The 3rd party Tech Support experts are company certified but not work for the manufacturing company like hp, Dell , Apple etc.

If there is a hardware replacement then you need to contact the manufacturing company for support.

The support will be for a single issue and if after some days if there is any other issue you need to pay again for the tech support.


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